New Memorandum of Understanding between Universities

New Memorandum of Understanding between Universities

Thanks to the networking opportunities created by the BIM4PLACEMENT project, the University of Stavanger, Faculty of Science and Technology (Norway) and the University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture (Italy) signed the new MoU about scholarly interaction, cultural interchange, co-operative research and other forms of academic collaboration.

For more information please see the MoU: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING NO-IT

Second International Meeting

September 30th – October 1st 2017 – Second international meeting of the project BIM4PLACEMENT will take place at University of Stavanger (Norway). Aim of the meeting: assess and share results & organize the project activities for the following period.  

Intensive course in Oulu (FL)

Intensive course on curriculum development and training tools for BIM. Participants will learn about best practices in training BIM, different choices in curriculum development about BIM, various training tools. They will also visit companies experts in the efficient use of