Here a picture of the first day of the course organized by Centoform in collaboration with University of Ferrara (Dept. of Architecture), IIS Aleotti and ITS Territorio Energia Costruire. The course started today and will continue on September 6-10-12-14 @ IIS Aleotti.

The course aims at providing a first introduction to Building Information Modeling, focusing in particular on the following BIM aspects:
– effectiveness of 3D modeling with particular reference to the communicative dimension towards non-experts;
– effectiveness in incorporating changes in the early design phases
– importance of the collaborative dimension between different professionals / disciplinary fields
– importance of having updated information “in real time”.

The course addresses the methodological aspects of BIM and the connections it generates between different professional / disciplinary areas.
Therefore the target audiences of this training are not exclusively teachers/trainers interested in teaching BIM but also teachers/trainers of different technical subjects interested in understanding the methodological aspects and the interconnections with their own disciplines.

The updated programme is available:   ToT-Programme-ITALY



Ferrara (Italy) – The training of trainers about BIM started

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